Dry lease

発送日目安:約1週間後(Estimated shipment:6-7days)

This is the lease of dried flowers using hydrangea in chic color and lavender smelling good. This picture shows the lease with a diameter of 40 centimeters, the price of this is 20000yen. And also, we can make this lease as funds permit. We will make this Made to order, so it might be there is a little difference compared to the one in the picture, and we will change the flowers a little depending on the season. Thank you in advance.

(order number)
タイトル 販売価格(税別)・Price
drywreath20 20cm ¥8,000
drywreath25 25cm ¥10,000
drywreath30 30cm ¥15,000
drywreath40 40cm ¥20,000

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