Arrangement for Mom¥5,000(

Arrangement for Mom<span>¥5,000(</span>

This is the item for whom wants to present carnations on Mother’s day after all.
While we will make this in red and pink color basically,we will also do in yellow and orange.
So,if you want to specify the color of those,tell us that in a blank of inquiry form.
The picture shows the one whose price is 5000 yen.

【number: m_day05-3500】 ¥3,500 +Japan Tax(0.1) +the delivery fee
【number: m_day05-5000】 ¥5,000 +Japan Tax(0.1) +the delivery fee
【number: m_day05-8000】 ¥8,000 +Japan Tax(0.1) +the delivery fee
【number: m_day05-10000】 ¥10,000 +Japan Tax(0.1) +the delivery fee