Fluffy Hydrangea in a pot¥5,000(ex.tax)

Fluffy Hydrangea in a pot<span>¥5,000(ex.tax)</span>

This present is fluffy and pretty.The picture shows the one whose price is 8000 yen.
Raising this plant is easy.
It will bloom the flowers well in the next year by planting on the ground or changing the bigger pot.
We will arrange very good one and look attractive on Mother’s Day.
Also we can arrange blue one.

【number: m_day10-pnk-5000】pink ¥5,000 +Japan Tax(0.1) +the delivery fee
【number: m_day10-pnk-8000】pink ¥8,000 +Japan Tax(0.1) +the delivery fee
【number: m_day10-blue-5000】blue ¥5,000 +Japan Tax(0.1) +the delivery fee
【number: m_day10-blue-8000】blue ¥8,000 +Japan Tax(0.1) +the delivery fee