Perfect★The red roses bouquet¥8,000(

Perfect★The red roses bouquet<span>¥8,000(</span>

Please confirm your order till 3 days before the delivery date.

We will use very deluxe red roses. We will make by any pics of roses such as 100 pics for propose, the same number of the customer’s age. We will accept your any request. This image shows the 100 pics of roses. It is as large as you can hug with both your arms.

【number: bq011-20-8000】20stems ¥8,000 +Japan Tax(0.1) +the delivery fee
【number: bq011-30-12000】30stems ¥12,000 +Japan Tax(0.1) +the delivery fee
【number: bq011-60-30000】60stems ¥30,000 +Japan Tax(0.1) +the delivery fee
【number: bq011-100-55000】100stems ¥55,000 +Japan Tax(0.1) +the delivery fee