The dried lease¥3,500(

The dried lease<span>¥3,500(</span>

Please confirm your order till 3 days before the delivery date.

This is the dried lease we make by hydrangea colored chic and fragrant lavender. The image shows the lease 40centimeters in diameter. It costs 20000yen.
And we will make any size.
We will make this one by one. And they are made to order. So the image will be a little different from what the customer will get.

【number: drywreath20】 20cm ¥8,000 +Japan Tax(0.1) +the delivery fee
【number: drywreath25】 25cm ¥10,000 +Japan Tax(0.1) +the delivery fee
【number: drywreath30】 30cm ¥15,000 +Japan Tax(0.1) +the delivery fee
【number: drywreath40】 40cm ¥20,000 +Japan Tax(0.1) +the delivery fee