Merry Christmas & Happy new year!¥3,000(

Merry Christmas & Happy new year!<span>¥3,000(</span>

Please confirm your order till 3 days before the delivery date.

The brightness in the city is increasing as the winter day passing. We wish sharing the warm Christmas with you everybody!
We can make the flower gift for Christmas and the arrangement for happy new year.Please contact us feeling free!

【number: merryxmas-3000】small ¥3,000 +Japan Tax(0.1) +the delivery fee
【number: merryxmas-5000】standard ¥5,000 +Japan Tax(0.1) +the delivery fee
【number: merryxmas-8000】large ¥8,000 +Japan Tax(0.1) +the delivery fee
【number: merryxmas-10000】huge ¥10,000 +Japan Tax(0.1) +the delivery fee