Arrangement for MomArrangement for Halloween ¥3,000(

Arrangement for MomArrangement for Halloween in autumn color Having hallowed out a pumpkin, We make arrangement of hydrangea in autumn color and others such as rose hip. It is full of natural taste.

This will be dried-flowers keeping the appearance, so you can enjoy for a long time.
This is the image of that 12 inched. It costs 3000yen.
The size will be larger as the price is higher.

【number: halloweendry1】 ¥3,000 +Japan Tax(0.08) +the delivery fee
【number: halloweendry2】 ¥5,000 +Japan Tax(0.08) +the delivery fee
【number: halloweendry3】 ¥8,000 +Japan Tax(0.08) +the delivery fee
【number: halloweendry4】 ¥10,000 +Japan Tax(0.08) +the delivery fee